The 1st shoes that have every major component made of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.

Unparalleled Features

Ultimate Performance & Comfort
The 1st shoes that have every major component made of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.

Help Save the Ocean With Us!

A Global Problem
Globally, every minute of every single day we throw away 1,000,000 plastic water bottles.

It will take up to a thousand years for a single bottle to be decomposed. Only 4% of our plastic water bottles are properly recycled, and most end up in our oceans.

Like the Taste of Credit Card?

On average, every one of us ingests 5 grams of microplastic from the ocean every week because the bottles we throw away end up as part of our food chain. That is like eating one credit card every week.

A Solution
Introducing GreenPlax® footwear in which every major component is made from recycled plastic bottles pulled from the ocean.

We decided it was time to take action by contributing to the ongoing efforts to clean our environment by up-cycling ocean bottles into shoes. One pair of GreenPlax® Renee sneakers upcycles 15 plastic bottles on average.

Insoles, Outsoles, and Upper Casing All Made With Recycled Plastic.
Recycled plastic bottles are used in every major component of the shoes (upper, insole, and outsole).

Some shoes claimed to be made of recycled plastic, but that is usually only true for one part of their shoe. GreenPlax is made of plastic from the top down is made from plastic through and through.

Unparalleled Features

Greenplax® Crossed Over Skive-on® Technology.
  • GreenPlax┬« revolutionary technology was honored by AÔÇÖDesigned Award & Competition in the footwear category of the year 2020.
  • The outsole incorporated SKIVE-ON┬« technology, in which 100+ completely independent and highly resilient GreenPlax┬« dots come together and form the extremely lightweight and flexible sole.
Flexibility Provides Extreme Comfort
Flexibility Provides Extreme Comfort
Repels Dirt + Stains
Flexibility Provides Extreme Comfort
CciluÔÇÖs Greenplax┬« research team endeavored on a five-year journey working on the revolutionary technology aiming at:

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