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19.900 KWD

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CCILU Men’s boots, Panto Paolo rain boots. Waterproof ankle-high rubber booties with advanced technology sole for ultimate support and flexibility. Lace-up short boots with weatherproof liner for winter and rainy weather. Lightweight and trendy rainboot design. PETA approved.
Technology – With CCILUCELL Technology®, advanced molecular bonds form the structure of our footwear making them resilient, supportive, and virtually indestructible. We’ve crafted a shoe that is super light, weatherproof, comfortable, and trendy. Years of in-depth research were invested in the development of this model, designed for those seeking maximal comfort, support, and all-year-round protection.
Features – Our Paolo rainboots boast a variety of features promoting comfort and durability including shock absorption, abrasion resistance, nano-technology, anti-microbial properties, and honeycomb structure. The unique combination of these special features makes for quality footwear that is long-lasting, protective, flexible, lightweight, and odor-free. Tiny nano-particles with strong molecular bonds form the shoe’s structure, notably improving its support, shock absorption, and durability.
Style – This model was designed with the active individual in mind, with ultra-flexibility and a lace-up ankle boot style. Water-resistant rubber booties are paired with our advanced technology for the most comfortable and durable weatherproof boots. A removable stretch-fabric liner inserts together with a well-structured textured upper makes for a snug and comfy fit; no socks necessary. The bold color contrast enhances the trendy design with a modern and fashionable touch.
Uses – CCILU Panto Paolo rain boots are appropriate for just about all of your rainy-day shoe needs. Think of them as a cross between a rain boot and a comfort shoe, waterproof yet super comfortable and supportive with advanced foot and ankle protection. They can be worn in all seasons, in all weather conditions, and on all terrains. Because of their comfort and versatility, you’ll find these quickly becoming a favorite in your footwear collection.